A Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter

July 5, 2021

Why buy an electric scooter?

For commuters who regularly travel to work, or for short distances, an electric scooter is an exciting and cost-effective solution. Offering the chance to go green and save money at the same time, electric scooters are extremely useful transportation devices. They are energy efficient as they run on its own internal batteries that can last for a good amount of time. They are also economical as they can last longer with regular use.

However, electric scooters are not always the fastest in comparison to regular motorcycles and mopeds. However, they can still cover a distance of 15 to 20 kmph without causing much inconvenience to the user. Electric scooters are not difficult to operate, easy to handle and easily portable.

How to choose the best electric scooter?

Electric scooters can be better determined by their key features, the following features will give you an understanding in making your choice of scooter


Like any cool gadget, the first thing we eye for is how it looks, yes it indeed is one of the most important aspects we consider in choosing an electric bike that suits your style. To further consider check if the design is functional for your use, like if the controls are easy to handle, is it easily foldable.

Our choice of e-scooter that brings it all together is the new Porodo Electric Urban Scooter from Porodo, they come in amazing finishes in Black and Silver with red highlights making it stand out from the crowd.


The carrying weight of the scooter should be considered as it impacts the portability and weight limits for users. Weight has a huge impact in daily commute as Metro’s and Buses in Qatar only allow you to carry the scooter in a folded position. The Porodo Electric Scooter weighs around 27.5 lbs or 12.5 kg with its aluminium frame makes it an easy carry for everyone


Choosing an e-scooter based on the distance mainly depends on understanding your commute, Porodo Electric Urban Scooter gives you a riding range of 27km in a single charge


Speed is something we all want, Porodo Electric Scooter comes with a Maximum speed of 25km/h along with a cruise control


Power is a key aspect in an e-scooter, a recommended minimum power for scooter are 250W, the Porodo Electric Urban Scooter comes with a maximum power of 500W which makes it one of the most powerful scooters for riders


Lighting is very important as it provides safety during driving and alerts others on your presence. The Porodo Electric Urban scooter comes with Bright 1.1W Headlight that can reach up to 6 meters in range


The most important safety feature in an electric scooter is the braking system it carries, the Porodo Electric Urban Scooter comes with the advanced ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) which provides a smooth and safe braking experience making it the most reliable braking system for e-scooters


Electric scooters come in two kinds: pneumatic or airless. Pneumatic tires are great at absorbing shock and require less maintenance, while airless tires are easier to maintain and can travel longer distances without losing pressure.


Porodo Electric Urban Scooter is the most budget friendly scooter in the market giving you the best quality at a reasonable price


Not all e-scooters are created equal, so it’s important to be careful when buying one online. A warranty can help you avoid a lot of problems, and it might be worth checking with the supplier if they provide such said warranty, the Porodo Electric Urban Scooter comes with 6 months warranty

How to save money on buying an electric scooter?

E-scooters are the perfect way to get around without having to spend money on petrol. When you charge your e-scooter, it lasts for a long time too. Simple and convenient, you can get around town with no worries.

Metro’s and Public buses allow one to carry their e-scooters making it more budget friendly to get around everywhere with ease


Electric scooters are definitely the most affordable modes of transportation and are extremely easy to use and to ride. At Trend Qatar we help you find the right e-scooter for you.

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