4 Most Exciting Uses Of VR Headsets Other Than Gaming!

June 28, 2021
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When you hear the word “Virtual Reality”, one immediately thinks of gaming and how VR Headsets have helped gamers more than ever have more interaction with the virtual world through 360 experiences. Interesting applications of VR outside the gaming perspective, for example, a trending video on Instagram showing someone with a VR headset simulating a roller-coaster and getting scared, we all have seen this video! COVID-19 changed how we go about our day to day activities from conducting business to fitness, VR’s strength started to show, benefiting both commercial and personal applications. In this blog, we will list down the top 4 applications of VR other than gaming that you probably didn’t think of. If you read until the end, a VR surprise is awaiting you!

1. VR Headsets in Fitness

COVID-19 came with a few positive changes, one of them is an increase in the mental and physical health awareness. Individuals have resorted to attending online classes gain motivation instead of working out alone at home. Imagine having a VR headset where you can exercise with a professional instructor and a group of people from all over the world in your living room!

2. VR Headsets in Live Events & Entertainment

Admit it, being stuck at home sucks! You can no longer attend concerts or even something as simple as a friend’s engagement party or wedding ceremony. This affected even the sports industry with many countries banning fans from attending football matches. With VR headsets, attending live events from the comfort of your own home is becoming popular now and you can experience and attend events online with your pyjamas as if you are right in the middle of the event. Cinemas and movie industry are being disrupted by companies such as Netflix; with a VR set, you can experience cinemas at home as well.

3. VR Headsets in Education

There is no doubt that we all experienced how education has drastically changed since the beginning of COVID-19 with classrooms being held online on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. College students and parents have experienced a demotivation in the new approach for education; it’s too rigid, robotic and lacking the human interaction.

Teachers and professors have been coming up with various ways to increase the online education. If you are a teacher, parent or related to the education field; it might be a good idea to think about implementing VR Headsets VR headsets can immerse students and professors in exciting worlds that were not even possible before. A history teach can get students to experience dinosaurs and historical events around them; students can feel like they are still in the classroom; all thanks to virtual reality!

4. VR Headsets for Business

Many people had to work from home when COVID-19 hit conducting meeting online, be it with a client, a vendor or even internally. Virtual reality meetings for brainstorming, taking requirements have been in popular demand. It gives companies and professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services in a much more visual manner resulting in an improvement of business; in some businesses they experienced better results than pre COVID such as E-Commerce.

Which VR headset to buy?

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