Samsung New s22 Series

The Galaxy S22 series combines the highest-ever performance from the Galaxy lineup, a bigger image sensor than its predecessor, and unique photography capabilities like Nightography, based on immense AI technology. In addition, the Galaxy S8 series includes the first 4nm CPU in the industry, while the Galaxy Tab S8 series pushes the limits of what […]

iOS vs. Android: Which is Better For You?

A rose gold iPhone 11 on display

When buying a new phone, choosing between an iPhone and an Android smartphone isn’t easy—especially when both giant mobile operators are ready to release game-changing devices this year. Moreover, both Android and iOS have been in the industry for over a decade and enjoy a good reputation. But the million-dollar question remains—which one’s better? In […]

Top Advantages iPhone Offers Over Android

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Here are some of the top advantages iPhones offer over Android phones. The Android Vs iPhone debate has been raging on for well over a decade—and is one that will probably never be settled. When Apple iPhone first launched the original iPhone back in 2007, it completely changed the game. It took Google a few […]