Top Advantages iPhone Offers Over Android

March 14, 2021
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Here are some of the top advantages iPhones offer over Android phones.

The Android Vs iPhone debate has been raging on for well over a decade—and is one that will probably never be settled. When Apple iPhone first launched the original iPhone back in 2007, it completely changed the game. It took Google a few years to catch up to them, but that’s what they did with their Android operating system.

Now, Android fanatics have their own fair share of bragging rights. Superior multi-tasking, Google Assistant, and amazing customization options are just a few of these. However, there’s a reason why iPhones have been dominating sales charts consistently throughout the years. No other product on the market comes close to matching the iPhone when it comes to quality, refinement, and ease-of-use.

Here are three prominent advantages iPhone offers over Android.

Ease of Use & Consistency

Although both iPhone and Android offer millions of apps to users, the former offers a smoother user experience. Why? Well, with hundreds of Android phones on the market, apps are often configured incorrectly, which leads to them not performing as well as they were intended to perform.

With iPhones, however, all functions and apps are optimized to perform on just a handful of iPhone devices, which allows for a smooth and streamlined user experience.

The Ecosystem Factor

Another prominent reason why many people prefer iPhones over Androids is the ecosystem. iPhones work smoothly with other Apple gadgets, such as the Apple Watch, iPad, and Macs. If you haven’t tried a Mac in a while, you’ll be blown away how well it works in tandem with an iPhone. For example, macOS’s Continuity allows you to place and receive calls and send and receive texts. All you need is to have your iPhone close by.

Bloatware Free!

Over the years, Android phone manufacturers have gradually reduced the amount of bloatware loaded into their products—which, for many users, was just useless crap taking valuable space in their phones. However, Android phones are still far from being bloatware free.

However, it’s a completely different story with Apple smartphones. You’ll never come across an iPhone that has carrier software preloaded. This makes for a clean and smooth out-of-the-box experience.

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