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October 2, 2021
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Samsung Galaxy Tablets always surprises us with endless varieties of quality products in different styles, that too with affordable price. So today we are going to take a good look at those latest and most notable tablets they have released in certain intervals.

So first, let us have a look at Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE


Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7FE is here to make our life more colourful and vibrant. With it’s 31.50cm (12.4″”) display, it provides the best experience to the users. 10,090mAh battery, incredible sound effects by AkG with dual speaker and upgraded cinematic experience is all packed together in a single unit.

Enhanced performance in Snapdragon 778G chipset turns your gaming world fast and realtime.

And the plus part is, we can add storage upto 1TB using a microSD card, this allows us to keep the files safe and easily accessible.

Octa-core processor, memory space from 4+ 64GB to 6+ 128GB help us to maintain our system smooth and comfortable. With its slim and sleek shape, it is more easy and simple to handle for daily use.

And with it’s 45W lightning fast charging capacity, it makes room for us to use it smoothly on a busy day, in its 13 hours streaming life.

It is available in four amazing classy shades: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Green and Mystic Pink.

Moreover, it also has the low latency S pen to offer us natural writing experience. The best part of it is, it turns handwriting into text in realtime and helps us edit the same text with ease, and there’s no trouble in maintaining the life of the S pen since it demands no extra charging.

A major camera improvement, in which it helps to relocate the front camera to keep us in the centre of the screen while video calling. And the voice system is enhanced with 3 microphones embedded around the display. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is available in the market starting from QAR 2250.00


So next in the list is Samsung Galaxy Tablet A7. It is designed with a 10.40 inch extra wide screen to make more ground for the users to enjoy and work smoothly. With an updated quad speaker system, it allows you to play everything in Dolby Atmos surround sound. Through this, we’ll always feel more closer and in upfront.

With its front facing , landscape based 5-megapixel camera helps us to flip between entertainment and video calls effortlessly. That is, we can work and have fun in one go.

3GB RAM, 32 GB Operating System, and 7040mAh battery capacity, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 provides us with a super fast functioning system and enhanced memory that promises us more action and extra room to keep doing what we love.

And the interesting part is, Galaxy Tab A7 is able to connect with Galaxy Watch 3, helping us to track our valuable time on busy days.

And if we compare A7 with earlier A10.1, the processor is upgraded from Exyhos 7904 to Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, Random Access Memory from 2GB to 3GB and more importantly, battery life from 6159mAh to 7040mAh.

So it is evident that A7 has come with more functioning and more facilities to satisfy the users.

Moreover, by purchasing A7, the users get two months of free YouTube premium and six months of Spotify premium. So all in all, it’s bingo.

So to compare A7 with Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 (LTE), the display has broadened from 8.00 inch to 10.40, allowing more space for productivity and entertainment, Operating System from 28 GB to 32 GB and Operating System from Android Q to Android 10. Alternatively the RAM has been reduced from 4GB to 3GB and the processor remains the same. But when it comes to battery life, from 505OmAh to 7040mAh, that is 3 degrees powerful compared to Active 3 (LTE).

Meanwhile if we take A7 (LTE) to compare with A7, we would find no such differences.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is available in three different shades: Dark Gray, Gold and Silver. And it is available in the market, starting from QAR 799.00.


Now we have Samsung Galaxy S6. S6 is here in two in one strategy, with the ability to transform instantly from Android tablet to PC desktop when you plug in a keyboard with built in trackpad. So with this, it is so precise that S6 wants us to be a multitasker. Smooth and flexible ways to switch from apps and tasks, clarity gaming experience, powerful internal RAM upto 6 GB and internal memory upto 128GB makes it feel more luxurious. 13 MP with Ultra wide 5MP dual primary camera and 8MP front camera help us to capture the moment more elegantly to save our memories within fingertips.

And if we are to compare the S6 with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, surprisingly the S6 will win the competition.

S6 internal memory is double stronger than S6 Lite, and it’s RAM is two times bigger to satisfy the requirements of users. And if we take any other aspects, we surely will find S6’s place affirming and promising.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is available in market starting from QAR 2099.00


Have two in one experience with Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 transforming into PC desktop with DeX mode and the optional keyboard plus expandable trackpad.

The ultra large edge to edge display provides us with an incredible cinematic experience. Moreover the TFT LCD Screen and Squad Speaker modelled by AKG with Dolby Atmos surround sound give us real life closeness to the digital world.

Snapdragon 865 plus, 128 GB internal memory, 6GB RAM make it more incredible to deal with S7. We are given more space and 8000mAh battery capacity to have a never ending connection with S7.

Same as we talked about S6, this too brings a dual camera with stunning brightness and clarity of 13 MP wide and 5 MP Ultra wide back and front mode. Moreover, we can use the S7 as a hotspot by adding a second wireless screen for our PC and share ready content all at once.

We can effortlessly share and sync with other compatible samsung devices easily.

Plus, there’s an improved 9ms S pen latency which is upgraded to control our presentation, in taking notes and marking things etc, that is, it is designed to make our work more efficient and smooth.

All over, S7 is more brilliant and amazing to deal with. And if we take the S7 plus into comparison, we would find no sea changes. Almost every feature is in the same fashion and facilities except a slight variation in battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is available in market starting from QAR 1999.00


So over-all, we have great varieties of Samsung Galaxy Tabs available in the market with affordable prices and in quality conditioning. The opinions on certain products would vary from person to person, but if we take a broad look, we surely find some best products arranged for customers with promising features. Visit our Trend Qatar our Online Store for more exciting products and New Arrivals

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