Apple Event (2021) Highlights

September 18, 2021
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The Apple Event in 2021 turned out to be huge and mind-blowing

With this new release of iPhone 13, Apple has renovated a whole big home for their customers. They have launched and upgraded their products into another breathtaking level. With iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch 7, New iPad 9, An iPad mini 6, and Apple Fitness plus as well. The list went long and impressive to provide an enhanced experience to both viewers and the promised customers that’ll come by.

The main and exclusive features that are notable in all those products they released in the event includes, small notch, remarkably brighter displays, A15 Bionic chip, striking camera upgradation and boosted battery life.

Like any other Apple event, the entire program went distinctive and elegant with a whole new upgraded iPhone generation that is expected to create the best  outcome in this digital world.

And to talk about the list of products they released, here it goes in detail.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is here with exclusive features and graceful shape.

With it’s A15 bionic chip, it promises the best remarkable performance and power efficiency. A 6-core CPU with 2 high-performance  cores and 4 high-efficiency cores, it is expected to provide real experience. Not just that, iPhone 13 assures 30% faster graphics, 50% faster CPU and a new ISP.

And to talk about the new camera, we should definitely have a detailed check out. It has the most advanced dual camera system which is 12 MP wide and 100% focus pixel. This dual camera with an Ultra wide system is surely going to be a game changer in the photography world. Not just that, the whole new cinematic mode they have come up with opens a door to those young videographers and young cinema enthusiasts  out there. It provides night mode features on all cameras they have built.

And now iphone 13 is available in five new colours- Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and Red with more display ground and bigger battery. They promise a 2.5 hours longer battery life than the previous iPhone 12. In short, the iPhone 13 is here to be our companion with all-day battery life.

And the best and most noteworthy trade of Apple products, like the previous ones, this too is environment friendly with recyclable aluminium enclosures.

Moreover they have enhanced the privacy of the users with built in function and are shaped in Mag safe eco friendly style; up to 512GB and 5G availability to across 20 more countries.

To be precise, the iphone 13 indeed is remarkably challenging to all those smartphone companies out there.

iPhone 13 Pro

With innovative pro design and IP68 water resistance ceramic shield, it is modelled in the best form possible.

Including A15 Bionic chip and swift neural engine, iphone 13 Pro is a kind of ideal smartphone to the wonderful customers out there.

It has a customer display engine, Super retina XDR ,1000 nits outdoor brightness with new image signal processor and 5 core GB of 50% faster graphics.

And to explain the camera efficiency separately, the iphone 13 Pro is here with a huge camera advancement.

Beginning with their telephoto camera which is 77 mm and 3x optical zoom, and then the Ultra wide camera with autofocus functioning and upto 92% improvement in low light.

The users can consume not just that but including Macro photography. This facility provides a new light of opportunity to fashion the photography world. Each one can customize or personalize their style to grow into a pro photographer using iphone 13 Pro.

Plus, the motion-picture  world is also open with a new ray of exploration with its pro level video taking facility which includes enhanced zoom in function to show even the small details and the slow motion option as well. This is another iphone first feature, to change the colour of photography and videography universes.

Moreover the proRes video function is coming soon to upgrade into a new level.

And the best part is, users needn’t have to worry about their battery life with all these extra functions and facilities. It is surely incredible with all day long life. The battery life of iPhone 13 Pro is 1.5 hour longer than iPhone 12 Pro  and iPhone 13 Pro max is 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 pro max.

The brilliantly longest battery life ever in iphone history.

Same as iphone 13, this too is eco-friendly and 100% zero waste.

And with Shockingly incredible storage of 1TB. The cost starts from $999 for iPhone 13 Pro and $1099 for iPhone 13 Pro max.

With all these promising features of Big Upgradation, it is surely worth the price.

iPad OS

So now in the line is the iPad OS which is one of the spectacular products they have built. 

They are here with a slim and smooth style which helps the users to make it easy to use. With a widget function to make availability of the important events of the day on screen and a new multitasking control function, iPad OS is here to make life simpler and flexible.

The new quick note taking facility and faster capacity with storage ground beginning from 64GB,  is now available in the market starting from $329 and $299 for schools.

iPad Mini

Designed in nuro orders and elegantly rounded corners, iPad mini is out in thin and light luxury. It is amazingly speedy with 40% CPU and 80% GPU performance. Neural engines of 2x faster machine learning help to make quick realtime translation into action. With it’s Ultra lively connectivity and 10x faster data transfer facility, iPad mini is here to show it’s excellency.

5G download of 3.5 Gbps, 12 MP camera focus pixel and smart HDR, 12 MP Super wide camera, new speaker system with steric and landscape model availability, this product makes the ipad model complete and unique.

Moreover, it is designed in Purple, Pink, Starlight and Space grey shades to enhance the elegance.

And now it is available in the market starting from $499.

Apple Watch 7

Apple watch 7 is here to help their users to connect to the world and people more proficiently and accurately.

This new generation of Apple watch series 7 is modelled with 20% more screen area than the earlier one and with 40% thinner border; without altering their ideal shape.

The stop watch activity alarm is now easier to tap and use with 70%  more brightness.

Since the screen area is stretched out, now it is easier to read the texts with nearly 50% of text availability on screen in one go. With machine learning word prediction, it has become faster to text or type.

Dust resistance of 1P6X, water resistance of WR50 and crack resistant front crystal make this App Watch 7 to be seated on the top most and first among the incredible smart watch products.

33% faster charging with all day long battery life makes it so easy to use it from day to night.

And it is available in five colours: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue and Product Red aluminium.

Plus Silver, graphite, stainless steel, Natural and Space black titanium. Also with leather model strapped style for customised users, including customized bands, new colours and styles.

Like any other products, it is 100%  recyclable.

And they have released it with a motto of “Future health in your wrist”. 

Apple Fitness Plus

Last but not the least in the long row is Apple Fitness Plus with their amazing agenda to shape a healthy world.

Fitness plus is now here with new features, adding to the old ones.

The Pilates workout instructor is added to Fitness plus by allowing new methods and techniques to have a healthy life. Moreover, there’s guided meditation, Skying, Group workout enabling 32 people to connect together at a single time.

It is now available in over 21 countries with enhanced filters with a number of 5-45 workout techniques on list.

The new users are given a bonus of one month free workout to experience the wonder.


Introducing a whole new generation of upgradation and style, Apple has come up with an aim to Universalise their brand in a different fashion which is more challenging and outstanding.

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