Why 5G Technology Will Change Your Life

July 25, 2021

The world is poised to change forever with the implementation of fifth-generation connectivity for data networks across the world. 5G has been promised to be the saviour to any connectivity problems we’ve had in the past and it’s also been highlighted as a path towards a fully wireless future. 4G, our current networking infrastructure, brought about a major mobile revolution, allowing us to stream high definition shows wherever and whenever we want. 5G will take that a step further.

What is 5G Technology?

5G is shorthand for the 5th generation of cellular technologies. It’s a modernised version of the previous generations of networks, that was first launched around the turn of the millennium. This is technology that we can definitely expect to see a lot more of in the coming years, with 5G having its sights set on both home and transport networks. For a bit of context, 4G is the network that has been used to keep us connected, in most places, for the last decade. With 5G technology, we can expect a step up in speed and connection to the mobile devices we use. We can also expect to see a lot more clever uses for wireless tech and eventually, cloud storage. Is 5G Coming To India?

The advantages of 5G

As we already know, 5G is the next generation of internet access. The first round of 5G will enable quicker downloads and more reliable connections with speeds far beyond the limitations of 4G. The advantages of 5G For starters, 5G is fast. It’s 1,000 times faster than 4G, so that’s the first benefit you’ll notice. This is all because of 5G’s latency, or the delay in responding to a signal, reducing by a staggering 90%. This means that the phone will be able to do more, which is usually a good thing, whether that be completing a task faster or making a video in HD. Secondly, 5G has a high capacity. The standard allows for 20 Gigabits of data to be transferred per second.

5G in the home

Imagine a world where you have a 5G network connection installed in your home, then just have it be your home wireless network and your home broadband. You’d no longer be tied to your mobile provider and would be able to watch films on your home TV anywhere you like, without cables around you. You’d also be able to stream the content you want to your car’s entertainment system, for example.

5G will also allow for the home to do more. Think about being able to stream your favorite sports and connecting to the Internet when the gym or school are closed. You’d be able to order goods at local stores on the train into town and then pick them up after.

5G to become the world’s default communications technology

5G in the workplace

You may not think that the 5G revolution will make a big impact on your business, but it really can. Before I get into what the technology really means, let me explain what 5G can do for businesses.

5G offers the potential to reduce energy usage and potentially, in some cases, double the size of networks, all while increasing capacity and availability.

5G means that your business will be able to offer their customers new features like augmented reality and virtual reality. Businesses will be able to provide “smart” services to their customers, like interactive customer service or connected cars.


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