How to Improve your iPhone's Battery life

July 13, 2021
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If you are someone who owns an iPhone or intends to buy one, you would definitely Google in ways to improve your battery life as you would like to keep your iPhone active at all times. We have done fair amount of research in finding the best ways in which you can improve the performance of your battery, and help you understand on how to extend the life your battery. This article intends to give you just that.

Lithium-ion Batteries

First and foremost understanding the type of battery in a device, helps you in taking care of it much better, most of the modern digital products use lithium-ion battery and there is a very good reason for it compared to traditional battery technology. Few of them are as follows

  • Faster Charging
  • Longer Life Span
  • High Power Density (“more battery life in lighter package”)

Fast Charging iPhone Battery

You all must be familiar with the term “Fast Charging” or “Lightning Charging”, the reason why the term was coined so was, iPhone batteries charges upto 80% of its capacity quickly and once it reaches that point slowly trickles down the speed till it reaches a full 100%.

All lithium-ion batteries work in Battery Charge Cycles, here are some facts you need to understand about battery charge cycles

  • No need to let your iPhone reach 0% to charge your phone
  • One battery life cycle happens when 100% of the battery capacity is discharged from your iPhone

Longer Life Span for iPhone Batteries

For giving your iPhone a longer battery life always update your iOS software as they come with updates that improve your battery life with advanced energy saving technologies. There are few key things to remember when it comes to extending your battery life

  1. Avoid Extreme ambient temperatures, so an ideal temperature your iPhone should be in is around 62 to 72  F (16  to 22  C), moisture free environment
  2. iPhone Cases, certain cases tend to heat your iPhone during charging, try to remove them while charging
  3. Keep your iPhone charged between 30 – 80 % for an extended battery life (Keep it at an average around 50% at all times)
  4. Try not to fully charge or discharge your iPhones
  5. Use the original charger provided by Apple
  6. Use the Auto-Brightness feature
  7. iPhone uses less battery in Darkmode, switch to Darkmode during night times, also it is less straining on the eye
  8. Activate Optimized Battery Charging
  9. Turn off location services and apps or reduce their use
  10. Disable Push Notifications for less relevant apps
  11. Force-quit apps that are opened less frequently
  12. Use the Low power mode when the battery reaches a capacity below 30%
  13. Disable the Bluetooth and WiFi when not required
  14. Try avoiding areas with low reception as they tend to use the battery more to keep the connection active
  15. Set the Auto lock feature to 30seconds to keep your phone in sleep mode when not in use

iPhone Battery Health

All the latest iPhones comes with new features that help to show battery health and lets you know if your battery needs to be replaced. To check your batteries health you can goto Settings → Battery → Battery Health. It gives you a detailed statistics on the battery performance and health


Let us know how the changes we listed helped you improve the battery life, also don’t forget visit our Online Store Trend Qatar, we have a wide variety of iPhones and every gadget you would possibly need to keep your iPhone arsenal full

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