3 Things You Should Know About Apple iOS 14

March 14, 2021

Here are three exciting iOS 14 features that you should know about.

Although it’s been over half a year since Apple launched the iOS 14, the excitement and fervor over the latest iteration of the iPhone operating system still hasn’t died down—and it’s not surprising why. With iOS 14, we were introduced to a number of improvements and amazing features that we’d never seen before.

If you’ve just got yourself a new iPhone 12, or are thinking about updating your older iPhone to the latest OS, here are three things that’ll excite you.

App Clips

A new and exciting way to interact with apps in iOS 14 (if it’s made available by developers), App Clips was one of the major talking points of the update. It allows users to launch web links or QR codes into a bite-sized version of an application on their devices without having to actually install the full app.

It’s like renting a car, allowing you to gain access to a snippet of functionality without having to create an account, download an app, and go through other hassles.

Adding Widgets To The Home Screen

Home screen widgets were something of a trump card for Android users. And Apple users didn’t have an answer. However, that has changed now. With iOS 14, on screen widgets have arrived on the iPhone—and they’re pretty slick as well.

To set them up, you have to press and hold a blank area on your home screen to access the ‘edit’ mode, then press the plus icon that appears on the top left of the screen. It’ll take you to a gallery of widgets from which you can choose apps, and drag and drop them into place. You can also create a stack of widgets or adjust their size.

Picture-In-Picture Video Mode

With iOS 14, the iPhone now supports picture-in-picture for videos—just like the iPad. And this isn’t something you have to enable as well—just start watching a video on an app, such as Netflix and YouTube, and exit the app. The video will remain in place. 

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