Apple AirPods 3

 The new AirPods 3 inherits many features from the Pro model, making them significantly improved than their predecessor. In addition, it’s now also available in Qatar. Since their first release almost five years ago, Apple’s truly wireless earbuds have been a great hit. New versions, on the other hand, are rare. The second-generation AirPods were […]

Find if your iPhone is Original or Not

iPhone Original or Not - User Guide

When you buy any product, it is a really crucial and important thing to identify whether iPhone is Original or Not. We should educate ourselves to note down the difference and distinguish the original from the duplicate. Even though there are various unauthorized manufacturing companies who try to make the replica of the iPhone, there […]

Why you should buy the Latest iPad Mini 2021

Buy the Latest iPad Mini 2021

Apple never failed to amaze us with new varieties of products and innovations. They have always satisfied their customer’s appetite for something new and exciting. And when it comes to iPads, Apple has released four different models over the years. That is,  iPad Mini, the iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. So today, we […]

Apple Event (2021) Highlights

Apple Event 2021 - Highlights

The Apple Event in 2021 turned out to be huge and mind-blowing With this new release of iPhone 13, Apple has renovated a whole big home for their customers. They have launched and upgraded their products into another breathtaking level. With iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch 7, New iPad 9, An iPad mini […]

Mac Accessories 2021 – Part 3

Mac Accessories

Throughout time and innovation, the Apple ecosystem’s accessories and gadgets become more and more sophisticated. To make this blog easier to read, we decided to line it up as a series of articles you can easily follow and bookmark. Part 1 – iPhone Accessories Part 2 – iPad Accessories Part 3 – Mac Accessories Mac […]

iPad Accessories 2021 – Part 2

iPad Accessories

Every day, the Apple ecosystem expands with the development of new accessories and gadgets. We have decided to format this blog as a series of short, concise articles for ease of reading and bookmarking. Part 1 – iPhone Accessories Part 2 – iPad Accessories iPad Accessories Apple Pencil The Apple Pencil is a must-have accessory […]

iPhone Accessories 2021 – Part 1

iPhone Accessories

The world of accessories and gadgets in the Apple ecosystem gets bigger and bigger with time and innovation. For the ease of reading we decide to turn this blog into a series of concise articles that are easy to follow and bookmark. Part 1 – iPhone Accessories iPhone Accessories One of the most used Apple […]

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 S – Latest iPhone Launch 2021

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S - Latest iPhone

Here’s what we know so far about the new iPhone based on all the rumours and leaks. We’re expecting Apple to unveil the next-generation iPhone in just a few months. Since the phone receiver has been moved to the top edge of the chassis, and three cameras have been merged into one, there should be […]

How to Improve your iPhone’s Battery life

How to Improve your iPhone Battery Life

If you are someone who owns an iPhone or intends to buy one, you would definitely Google in ways to improve your battery life as you would like to keep your iPhone active at all times. We have done fair amount of research in finding the best ways in which you can improve the performance […]