Xiaomi Gadgets – 2021 Edition


XIAOMI GADGETS Xiaomi has always been astounding us with their smart electronic products. They have fashioned endless useful products that would make our life more handy and smart. Their brilliant gadgets, electronic, home appliances have placed them top most in the electronic market, dominating the latest and consumer loving list. So today, let us have […]

Apple Event (2021) Highlights

Apple Event 2021 - Highlights

The Apple Event in 2021 turned out to be huge and mind-blowing With this new release of iPhone 13, Apple has renovated a whole big home for their customers. They have launched and upgraded their products into another breathtaking level. With iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch 7, New iPad 9, An iPad mini […]

Everything You Need to know about Playstation 5 (PS5)

Playstation 5 Console and Digital Edition

What is new and and exciting in the Gaming world Sony’s latest gaming PS5 or The Playstation 5 is on market in two diverse styles; Disc-based and Digital. This newly invented quirky gaming world is believed to challenge other sources of entertainment in this digital world.  The base model which is mentioned above includes an […]

4 Most Exciting Uses Of VR Headsets Other Than Gaming!

Virtual Reality

Introduction When you hear the word “Virtual Reality”, one immediately thinks of gaming and how VR Headsets have helped gamers more than ever have more interaction with the virtual world through 360 experiences. Interesting applications of VR outside the gaming perspective, for example, a trending video on Instagram showing someone with a VR headset simulating […]

4 Popular Electric Scooter Trends Post COVID

A person wearing a mask and riding an electric scooter

As you push the power button on, on your electric scooter and whizz its handle, there’s a subtle smile on your face and a comfortable feeling in your heart that you’ve invested in a sustainable, convenient, and energy-efficient vehicle. Known as a flexible, inexpensive solution for short distances, E-scooters are increasingly getting popular as a modern […]

Trend.qa Is One of Qatar’s Most Trusted Online Store for Gadgets and Tech Products

Online gadget seller helps customers obtain trustworthy, high-end technology through online orders, even offering in-person pickups. Qatar – To-be-dated: In the era of COVID-19, online shopping is now more prevalent and sorely needed than ever. Unfortunately, many businesses are still adjusting to the online ecommerce model and are thus struggling to provide their customers with […]