Apple iPad 2021: Three Things We Want To See

March 14, 2021
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Here’s a wish-list of the things we want Apple to introduce with the latest iPad to make it a worthwhile upgrade.

Considering that Apple has been unveiling new tablets every year for the last few years, it’ likely that we’ll see a new iPad in 2021. The rumor mill has already gone into overdrive, and there’s a lot of speculation surrounding the highly-anticipated device.

The 2021 Apple iPad is slated for a spring release, and details, such as the price, the screen size, and the processing power have already leaked. But before even more information leaks out, we want to present a wish-list of the things we want Apple to introduce with the latest iPad to make it a worthwhile upgrade.

High-Res Selfie Camera

Although the 2020 iPad is a great device, taking a selfie with it or making a video call makes you feel like its 2007 again. The picture quality is grainy at best—and that’s not surprising considering the tablet only has a 1.2 megapixel front camera.

Now, not many people use their tablet to take quality snaps, If you want a professional portrait, you’re likely to use your iPhone. However, 1.2 MP is just not acceptable in 2021. We expect Apple to bump the resolution up to at least 8 MP for better video calling and selfies.

Refreshed Design

Since the original iPad debuted over a decade ago, Apple hasn’t done much to its appearance. Now in its 8th generation, the iPad is really started to show its age, and looks outdated—even compared to low-end Android tablets. Moreover, the existence of the futuristic-looking iPad Pro and iPad Air models have seemingly made matters worse.

The entry-level iPad line is in dire need of a design upgrade, and we have our fingers crossed that Apple will do it this year. Now, we don’t expect anything drastic—all we want is an entry-level iPad that feels and looks modern.

More Storage Space

While most smartphones—even entry-level ones—now come with 128 GB of storage space, Apple, for its own inexplicable reasons, continues to sell tablets with just 32 GB. Seriously, its 2021. People like too download music, TV shows, and games on their devices, and 32 GB just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Sure, you could go for a higher storage option, but the 2020 iPad just came with either 32 or 128 GB. We expect Apple to address this issue with the upcoming model.

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