Everything You Need to know about Playstation 5 (PS5)

September 18, 2021
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What is new and and exciting in the Gaming world

Sony’s latest gaming PS5 or The Playstation 5 is on market in two diverse styles; Disc-based and Digital. This newly invented quirky gaming world is believed to challenge other sources of entertainment in this digital world.

 The base model which is mentioned above includes an optical disc drive compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

The Digital Edition lacks this drive,  permitting it to  function as a lower- cost  version for  the ones who  prefer  to buy  games  through  virtual download. The  two  variants  were  released simultaneously.

The most interesting features of the new PS5 includes, solid-state drive to provide high-speed data streaming;  enabling significant improvements in storage performance, an AMD GPU capable of 4K resolution display at up to 120 frames per second, hardware-accelerated ray tracing to give a real life  experience; both in lighting and reflections, and the Tempest Engine allowing for virtuoso 3D audio effects. Moreover, by giving access to converse with other players in ease with the built in microphone  (whenever any of the players desires), this gaming generation is here with novel features.

Unlike PS4, Sony has improved the capabilities of its platform in an unprecedented way, adding more efficient storage with Ultra HD Blu-ray, lightning faster compute parts, support for larger capacity disks, and support for higher resolutions with incredible speed SSD. Through all these amazing features, it is clear that the PS5 is here to create a drastic change in the digital gaming world.

The Challenging difference of PS5 from PS4

One of the main interesting differences you see in PS5 from PS4 is it’s Ultra high speed SSD. The PS4, with its 18 CUs runs at 800MHz, at 1.eighty four TFLOPS, this means that it is able to manage 1.84 trillion floating-factor operations in line with second. By contrast on the other hand, the PS5’s GPU is rated for 10.3 TFLOPs.

Therefore, the PS5 is more than 5 fold powerful compared with PS4. Over the PS4, the PS5’s cores run at 2.23GHz with variable frequency and with adaptive triggers.

And one of the stand out features of PS5 is Sony’s new DualSense controller, about which we shall discuss soon separately.

The graphical improvement in PS5 is brilliantly impressive and attractive than PS4; it is more efficient with stunning visuals.  We’ll be able to experience a lifelike environment with the help of Ray Tracing; with natural shadows, reflection and vibrant colours.

We are also able to capture our gameplay to share it with others in PlayStation network, and even in social media as well.

It is more smooth and flexible to manage with it’s wireless controller, creating a new sensation to explore.

Playstation 5 Battery

The opinions or feedback on battery life varies in PS5. Some claim to have 6 to 12 hours of battery life before the players receive the warning message of low battery level. It is hard to come to a conclusion whether the new duel sensory technique with other exclusive features are becoming a threat to the battery life. It is also commented by players that they are receiving the warning message of low battery, too early, even when they have got more than half of the battery life left to play. So the battery life is still a subject of contradiction in opinions from users.

Since Sony has always come up with a solution and improved updation, we are expecting a wider range of excellence.

Playstation 5 – The Dual Sense Wireless Controller

With built in microphone and innovative adaptive triggers, PS5 has been shaped in an exemplary figure. Through these amazing features, we’ll be able to experience physical presence to our ongoing game actions. And the best part is, it’ll provide us with a real life sensation through the vibration.

And If you are using the wireless controller for the first time, you’ll have to pair it with your console first. You have options to reset the controller and to pair additional controllers as well.

With the vibrant colours and Crisp graphics, along with this dual sensory technique, PS5 is indeed a new wonder to venture out.


It is difficult to draw a perfect line for describing the pros and cons of PS5. People have varied gaming experience and feedback, so taking all in one; PS5 is indeed launched with the aim of making a difference and a sea change in the entertainment industry. Check out the latest Gaming gadgets and Games for your Playstation at Trend Qatar

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