Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 features you should try out first

December 2, 2021
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is one of the most trending and innovative Mobile Phones available in the market today. This Multitasking device has stunned the users with incredible features. Since this is a challenger in the market, we should also know the hidden reasons along with the innovative features Fold3 has comes up with. So let us have a good look at the new promises they have put forward.

Pin your favorite Apps effortlessly with Z Fold3

 The Taskbar adds a Microsoft Windows-like interface touch which will help us to jump to our favorite or frequently used Apps effortlessly by pinning them to any side of the screen. This will reduce our burden of searching folders and will help us to save time on a hectic day. This will quicken our actions smoothly, which will be useful especially in the workplace.

Arranging the Taskbar will take a bit of an effort. In Settings, choose Advanced Features followed by Labs. Now activate the button and  Pin Your Favorite apps, after which pull the Edge panel from the right aspect of the screen. The three vertical lines you see are the More Icon, click it after the Pin icon. The Taskbar will be now displayed on your screen to quicken your task. You can unpin Taskbar at any time by tapping on the Pin icon.  Moreover, you can also add and edit to select which app to appear on the screen, by clicking the More button  which is visible right above the Pin.

Enjoy Multitasking with Multitasker

You can bring more than two Apps running together; at the same time, on a single screen. 

Start using the Multitasking feature by clicking on any App, then when you keep  swiping right, till you find the Edge Panel, it is a line which will be visible on the edge of the screen. This will supply us a long list of Apps. Drag any one among them which you want running together with the already screening App. Bingo! You have become a multitasker  now. Plus, you can add one more App if you would like to, so that you can view three Apps at a time on a single screen. It’ll be stacked over one another by adjusting the screen. You can also adjust which App among the three to be put on top or on bottom just by dragging the line that links them.

But now all will support this Multitasking feature, you’ll have to optimise them by selecting advanced features in settings.

Include App pairing to your Taskbar

The Taskbar helps you to access your favourite Apps effortlessly, and the same will also help you to pair your two frequently using Apps together on a single screen.

For example: You can pair Whatsapp and gallery together which will help you to send photos to your friends without making a fuss. So to make that possible, allow the two Apps you choose to run on a single Screen in multitasking mode which we have explained earlier. Tap on the three circles which are visible on the line which divides the two Apps, and now from the menu, select add App combo ; the plus symbol on the right. Now the App pairs will be operated in the Edge Panel smoothly.

Make use of Drag and Split to Unlock another window in an App

The big screen offered to us is useful for way more than multitasking. This feature helps us to open another window from an App. It is particularly useful while using web browsing when you’ll be able to open another window by keeping the older one aside without losing it. Especially when we are into online shopping, it’ll help us to compare products and complete our tasks quickly.

Keep using App even when your phone is folded

The cover display of Z Fold3 is one of the highly useful features that needs appreciation. The phone’s continuity mode helps us to use the Apps even when the phone is folded.   Which means, when you have stopped working on a task in an App using the cover display, and now you have unfolded the phone, you can keep using that App right where you have left the task. And you can also set which App you want or do not want to be displayed on the cover screen. To activate this, just head to settings and choose the display section. There you’ll find the button to continue on Cover Screen, turn it on and keep using what you love to use.

Don’t forget to use Flex mode

This is one of the brilliant features that make Z Fold3 unique. Flex mode will help us to split the screen into two, by turning the upper part into viewing area and the lower into controlling panel. We’ll get to experience a mini desktop computer or laptop effect by using this feature. It is mostly useful for Apps like YouTube or Video Message Apps. To activate Flex mode, you’ll just have to fold the phone into a 90° angle. Apps which support this feature will run this handy App smoothly. Samsung has added Tiktok and Spotify to access this feature so that you can have extra entertainment and double fun.

Adjust your display refresh rate

Both the outer and the inner fold screen support adaptive refresh rate. Which means, based on your screen activity, the screen can adjust how quickly they can refresh.

Which means, if we are browsing through a web page and the screen display is turned into maximum and when your screen activity is reduced and becomes more still, automatically the refresh rate will slow down to save your battery life. But consumer review is varied when it comes to this feature. Many of them stated it has shown much of a difference in saving battery life from normal usage. But still, we’ll get to know only when we use it.

Make use of S Pen to double your style

The S Pen is useful in many ways for this foldable phone.The smooth way of jotting down quick notes on a busy day will make our day more productive using the S Pen . Moreover, it also helps us to  turn handwriting into text or even create an AR sketch. Both artists and designers can surely make use of the S Pen far better and efficiently by making use of this wide screen. Since the S Pen doesn’t work on a folded screen, to activate the S Pen, we just have to move the pen on the display screen and there’ll appear a faint picture of the S pen and by clicking on it, you’ll see a menu on the right side of the screen to operate the S pen. By pairing the S Pen pro with the Bluetooth menu, we’ll be able to set up Air Action to S Pen which will then work as a remote controller, by which you can open the phone, access the home screen and operate other actions smoothly Just by waving the Stylus in the air like a wand.

Turn your screen into Notepad

We can make use of our Stylus and change our phone into a notepad, even without operating the phone. Just by writing on the blank screen, we can have a productive day with S Pen and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. Just by pressing the button on the S pen and tapping on the screen, we can turn our phone into a notepad and enjoy the off-screen activity by saving battery even while working.


The customer opinions vary from person to person, be it about the phone and the new features they offer. When it comes to innovation & style, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the best in the market today with new brilliant features and flexibility. Visit Trend Qatar to get the Latest Mobiles and Tablets at the best price.

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