Samsung New s22 Series

The Galaxy S22 series combines the highest-ever performance from the Galaxy lineup, a bigger image sensor than its predecessor, and unique photography capabilities like Nightography, based on immense AI technology. In addition, the Galaxy S8 series includes the first 4nm CPU in the industry, while the Galaxy Tab S8 series pushes the limits of what […]

Find if your iPhone is Original or Not

iPhone Original or Not - User Guide

When you buy any product, it is a really crucial and important thing to identify whether iPhone is Original or Not. We should educate ourselves to note down the difference and distinguish the original from the duplicate. Even though there are various unauthorized manufacturing companies who try to make the replica of the iPhone, there […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 features you should try out first

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is one of the most trending and innovative Mobile Phones available in the market today. This Multitasking device has stunned the users with incredible features. Since this is a challenger in the market, we should also know the hidden reasons along with the innovative features Fold3 has comes up with. So […]

Latest Samsung Phones of 2021: Galaxy Z Fold3 5G & Galaxy Flip3 5G

Samsung Fold and Flip Trend Blog Banners

Why you need a Samsung Fold or Flip Phone? The Samsung Galaxy Phones Fold3 5G is the latest smartphone with the most durability, versatility, and advanced features. There’s more to the Fold3 than your average smartphone. The Fold2 transformed the smartphone user experience, but the Fold3 will deliver an even better one. The device features […]

iPhone Accessories 2021 – Part 1

iPhone Accessories

The world of accessories and gadgets in the Apple ecosystem gets bigger and bigger with time and innovation. For the ease of reading we decide to turn this blog into a series of concise articles that are easy to follow and bookmark. Part 1 – iPhone Accessories iPhone Accessories One of the most used Apple […]

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 S – Latest iPhone Launch 2021

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S - Latest iPhone

Here’s what we know so far about the new iPhone based on all the rumours and leaks. We’re expecting Apple to unveil the next-generation iPhone in just a few months. Since the phone receiver has been moved to the top edge of the chassis, and three cameras have been merged into one, there should be […]

How to Improve your iPhone’s Battery life

How to Improve your iPhone Battery Life

If you are someone who owns an iPhone or intends to buy one, you would definitely Google in ways to improve your battery life as you would like to keep your iPhone active at all times. We have done fair amount of research in finding the best ways in which you can improve the performance […]

Why you should buy a BLU Smartphones?

BLU Smartphones with Ehteraz Support

Why buy BLU Smartphones is what we intend help you understand the value of owning your own BLU Smartphone. BLU smartphones are the most affordable and feature rich smartphones that everyone should own. Not only that, BLU devices deliver exceptional value for money. BLU Phone offers the best 4G LTE experience. It is the only […]

5 Ways Smartphones Can Help You Learn

A person writing something on a notebook

John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper invented mobile phones to make long-distance remote communication easier. But in recent years, the device has undergone some serious transformation to evolve into a ‘smartphone’. Today, a smartphone performs much more than just connecting you with others. You can take your missed lecture via a friend’s WhatsApp, you can […]

How The Apple iPhone 12 Compares With Its Predecessor

a pair of smartphones

Learn how the Apple iPhone 12 compares with its predecessor in various key areas. If you’re considering upgrading from an iPhone 11 to Apple’s current flagship device, the iPhone 12, you may be wondering: what exactly is the difference between the two? Well, make no mistake about it: the iPhone 12 is the latest (and […]