5 Ways Smartphones Can Help You Learn

May 20, 2021
Mobile Phone

John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper invented mobile phones to make long-distance remote communication easier. But in recent years, the device has undergone some serious transformation to evolve into a ‘smartphone’.

Today, a smartphone performs much more than just connecting you with others. You can take your missed lecture via a friend’s WhatsApp, you can shop online, relax and listen to trending music, etc.

But the question remains: Are smartphones suitable for learning? Well, it depends upon the usage. Here we’ve compiled some ways a smartphone can help you learn.

1. Smartphones Help You Record Lectures

Do you find it challenging to concentrate on your teacher’s lectures and taking notes at the same time? This is where the smartphone’s function to record lectures comes in handy!

You can use your smartphones to record audio and video lectures of your professors. It will allow you to revise your lessons anytime and not miss essential details.

Don’t forget to take permission from your professors to record their lectures.

2. You Can Access the Learning Notes via Several Smartphones Apps

Apart from updating stories on Facebook or uploading posts on Instagram, you can use other productive apps to store and organize your learning notes.

Apps like Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox allow you to store important files and access them anytime, anyplace.

Moreover, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the online learning trend is on the rise. Therefore, smartphones have become a must-have to attend online lectures and online classes via Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing apps.

3. Listen to Podcasts for Additional Study Help

With smartphones, you’ve got a plethora of learning resources at bay!

In addition to your classroom lectures, if you have difficulty understanding any topic, search the topic on Google. You’ll get several results to access different podcasts and explanatory videos on the matter.

Sit, stand, walk, or lie down on a sofa and enjoy uninterrupted learning with smartphones. From science to arts, the world wide web has the answer to all your queries. So, take additional help as much as you can!

4. You Can Read Books and Research

About one out of five Americans listen to audiobooks!

Be it’s a Kindle book, ebook, or audiobook, you’ve got the advantage to carry them in your smartphones without the added baggage. You can also practice a combination of both physical and electronic books. But remember, even if you forget your hard copy at home, you can’t compromise on learning and continue studying with an ebook version.

: A person reading on a smartphone

5. Get Personalized Help from Professors and Your Class Fellows

Many forums like Whatsapp and Facebook groups allow students to discuss questions and their solutions. You can also text or email your professor about problems you’re unable to solve. Thus, smartphones allow you to take help from your class fellows and professors to complete your assignments on time.

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