Latest Samsung Phones of 2021: Galaxy Z Fold3 5G & Galaxy Flip3 5G

August 22, 2021
Mobile Phone , Samsung

Why you need a Samsung Fold or Flip Phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Phones Fold3 5G is the latest smartphone with the most durability, versatility, and advanced features. There’s more to the Fold3 than your average smartphone. The Fold2 transformed the smartphone user experience, but the Fold3 will deliver an even better one. The device features a 6.2” screen that fold outs into an impressive 7.6” screen. It’s basically a tablet and phone in one, with endless possibilities.  If you like to watch, work and play, this is the device for you. This device can even be unlocked with both face recognition and fingerprint so you can still unlock your phone whilst wearing a face mask.

The Samsung Galaxy Flip3 5G is a sleek, compact flip phone that can fit into your pocket or a small purse. It looks small, but it flips open into a 6.7” screened 5G smartphone. In this device, the best part is the cover screen, which lets users see notifications and interact without opening it. By using the Flip, you can take pictures or selfies handsfree and without the need for a tripod. All you need it a to sit it down on a flat surface and take the perfect, steady picture.

Although both phones look completely different, they share several features. The Flip and the Fold are equipped with dual battery, so you can use your phone for longer periods without worrying about running out of battery. In addition to the same processing chip, the fastest the Galaxy Z series has ever seen, Samsung Knox is built into each phone’s hardware and software so both your phone and personal information are secure and protected.

Flip or Fold?

When choosing which one to buy, you need to consider which features best suit your needs. The Fold is completely portable, so you will be able to take your entertainment and work anywhere you go. Whether you’re working, watching videos, or playing games on your phone, you will be able to take it anywhere.

You love to take photos? Do you dislike having a bulky phone in your pocket? Or do you have a small purse? If so, the Flip is the smartphone for you. It can easily transform from a small, compact phone to a full-sized smartphone.


Whether you choose the Fold3 or the Flip3, your smartphone experience will be completely enhanced. Thanks to Samsung, now is the time to upgrade. You can Pre order from Qatar Mobile, Authorised Samsung Distributor also you could visit our Online Store Trend Qatar to see the latest collection of Samsung Phones

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